This must all be considered as if written in advance.

Unsteady : Unbacked. In the end, what remains to be given is the close : Penned beforehand to determine what to do, L. praescribere, to direct as an order, ordaining or appointing first, fixed in the forepart to describe (what is undoubted) or predict (what is unsure)— this enjoinment always implying foreknowledge but its sufficiency for the subsequent left unsaid : Let us sketch as though to confine or restrict within bounds, cuffed and lineated, tighttied and fettered : Procedures (perhaps forbidding) conjoin the definite and the general: align shutter screen & dial for these manners of proceeding, insisting as in: (above all) law, religious orders, as in strategy, rule, claim, code, as with enforced legislation, a precept settling or initiating, or counselled advice given as in illness (directives applied for treatment withal) : And, in reference to a custom: to be of force : Each one a vade mecum, the book of ever ready reference kept by seamen and travellers, enchiridions at all times making clear how to act, & what strictly means go with me. Keats: “—should I blush / To be so tamed?” as in bridled or fastened, commanded (i.e. broken) : I offer you my rule (no less intimate than: I offer you my mouth) : In law, one may hold by prescription; one may claim by prescription—and this asserts a right (thus one may plead prescription, as in: to cease to be liable on grounds of lapsed duration; cf. to suffer prescription, voiding from a lapse of the limit of time; To be no longer called to account, the case will not go forward, this crime will not be charged) : Misspoken: To give an order or instructions; their loan does not remit, but is retained as ruse: Against these binds will you measure how spans fall short, failing, which is to say disappointing or disorienting, the summed from which one strays. Ever submit our wills; restrain as of terrain (space or curve or span) : Idealized, which is to say impossible not to wreck : Or, at heart, just this: reduction of possibilities : : The longline template: first, recall, cors—it runs, as in refluent waters : Coursing like torrent or currencies (what circulates, eager & swift), to draw off current as in what goes (not with me) : You may not turn back prematurely : Patience, a belated urgency of starting : Steers and directs (says: Hew to me) successive parts in consecutive series, e.g., order, of meals; planned sequence, of study; line or path, of travel, obvious, taking of; & onwards : One holds course, directs (the correct) course (& gilds this choice), perhaps changes (if there is a compass (or veers off, evades or deserts, shuffles or murks or withdraws and wrongs the maintained; each shunting usurps that first plan and yet, yet, a further difficulty yet turns away only ever to stray on some other ride (though one can also plan a deviation: departing, know with certainty what I will have will have lost (love then most of all those disasters you never see coming (Barthes: “parce que l’incohérence est préférable à l’ordre qui déforme”))))), but follows also: the habitual, customary, natural or ordinary (that way that might have been expected, what arrives as in due, i.e. owed) : what rushes bloods do & also a space and length of time : Here, now, pause: it will get worse. (How can we possibly continue on?) : This common history a kernel panic, ordinal panic, raw dread of undoing what has been done : L. cursus, a race, violence ends the chased finish (impetus or encounter, charge or mere flux; what also names the dog-game hunt—thus one honored possibility: escaping unharmed) : Our chosen manner of acting: is it fascination with permitted drift? (no final word iff no first directive) : for there is no route that withholds every detour : : Hardly anything, just some happening : Exertion, execution (anywise an operation) : actionem, unsuspended performance or any putting into motion (devastates repose, unmasks a bad disguise), what gets things going, exerts a force (cf. velleity, a wish insufficient for volition, utter longing but inadequate: I did, did not mean to falter); in syntax, verbals express occurrence, e.g., scrawl or lance or block (& thereby occupies, i.e. uses up, time) : Always this question: Does doing mean something? : Hence arkhon: the magistrate in authority who entrusts for his derivative arkhe, to rule, but also archein, beginning (initiatory action, what wilds deject and open that rule, precisely, and sicken or strain, edge every patient arkhe with each unpredictable archein) : Better to dismantle, then extend, to evulse a new attention : (though one might loose a world this way) : The cruel veridical: correct does not mean not ruined: (noting the autological is to undo it: too much is thereby added and careless naming deludes—so some imprecision is required) : Trouble neither more nor less than what orders enjoin what goes here (its underside: how to install what you simultaneously uncage?) : & commands the camera start; & the instrument’s own mechanism; also, grounds for legal claim in suit, a minimal cause to establish what may be recoverable : In turn, a kind of being forged, which may suggest hard materially made but then may also mean a counterfeit : Orison for the unnecessary— :

And with no one speaking against it* we are now without location : It’s only my constraints caught up with me : (except, perhaps, one small decision) : : Omniexhaustions: The action is prescribed, the course is open. The course is prescribed, the action is closed. Neither course nor action is prescribed. The course is the action, and the prescription makes room for all uncertainty : : What might it mean to keep all the (our) hesitations in? : (Waste these expenditures by this record—as in: uncultivate, raze) : Rule: a lovely trick: more plaything than plan, more accidence than import : How many other tracks must one renounce? Those early unlocked wavering sifts: unshielded, unforgivable (the way nakedness is a game to some)—a curiosity coils around all otiose endeavors, idly arranging order-denying error as the very limit of the bind : Can I regret this course? May I tender and yet retain it? : And if prearrangement is not forthcoming (i.e. terra autem erat inanis et vacua) then how should we presume? Just a light-denying plan and increased occurrences of the infecting urging: Now : Then this : This : Parameters I would want restore the mercy of directive: so goes the 1 of written and the 2 of task and the 3 of flight to appoint all orders that ordain what moves (i.e. swerves, propensity to wander), minor permissions that assure what never goes (according to); only claustration, the grammar of obedience—not departure but adherence, nor invention just mensuration : These noisy instructions: they guarantee nothing : Hazy, I am obliged, hazy, I am obliged : & making plans to lose myself : Compulsion curbs unfocus: as if led around a room by a bitten lift of skin : This is always the limit of order (—I might say no); This is also, so admit, the maybe bliss of order (—pleasure of not saying no) : Pleasure of drawing off (as in drain, as in siphon—as of a secretion, like as if of succus), to sap, as in rescind, as in deplete (read: un-fill), all alternatives : Disarranging one’s composure: (never over, but enduring) : In this, the unlost days of my trial : An exception is a formal objection to some finding (as though to procure the reversal of a ruling, what directs to remand a dismissal); peremptory exception: *pleading, I cannot maintain but to bar my action: duress / because its cause has been destroyed : :

Lure is what this is:

the built temptation

of doing something



First, you blaze the plan : (v.s. lit. a becoming raw again; to re-open, as though of wounds) : These lines break soft and dull : Utopia of the instruction, anxiety of instruction: lacking internal reserve its strictness applies always above all: to itself. Meanly curtailed to the taut rule it lines (opposite of suggestion), each narrow passage casts the illimitably seductive die: that break or forfeiture, the tight spring of all possible errors (—so seduction will not cease) : Traces of the bends I did not follow, whollyall those injured openings, transferred beginnings, the pressure of confinement (as if about an ankle) figured a.v. each speaking that risks aphonia : Impulsion to archive: this is in every sense a catch : (Why this almost obsessive relation to the limits of restriction?) : Without the spell of strictures, are we lost, capsized, in crisis? : Conscription turning into awe, order asks for what it needs, & does not charge but pleas & does not plea but craves, directs in advance like as on knees as with deep need, scentless, stilled, it begs : (So this is how this thing will go: will weep and haunt and stain) : Tend, as in do not shun, a selection long unsettled made : Berryman: “Am tame now. You may touch me, who had thrilled / (before) your tips, twitcht from your breast your heart / & burnt your willing brain. / I am tame now.” : A double entrance: it would have been impossible to believe that this could have been prevented : The suddenness of realizing I do not regret that it went this certain way. All willing: in time we lose each measure : Only this: Neither plan nor tack, merely an assent to what has happened, a moving acquiescence to that which will have taken place : : allowance: restrictus mutat res