Alvin Lucier: Memory Space

Alvin Lucier: Memory Space

Prescribed course of action #1

Alvin Lucier: Memory Space

A (Ostrava) Memory Space
B (Krakow) Memory Space

Gareth Davis – bass clarinet
Rutger Zuydervelt – field recordings and processing

Alvin Lucier – composition

Ian Hawgood – mastering
Rutger Zuydervelt – graphic design

GOD 24

“Go to outside environments (urban, rural, hostilc, bcnign) and record by any means (memory, written notations, tape recordings) the sound situations of those environments. Returning to an inside performance space at any later time, re-create, solely bv means of your voices and instruments and with the aid of your memory devices (without additions, deletions, improvisation, interpretation) those outside sound situations.”

– Alvin Lucier